Explore unknown areas, measure distances, follow trails, show driving directions by means of blinking signals, recognize colors, measure temperatures, avoid obstacles without touching them, recognize day and night, turn headlights on and off automatically and trigger an alarm etc. The ROBO TX Explorer sensors can do all of this and lots more: The NTC resistor, the photoresistor, the ultrasonic distance sensor, the infrared color sensor and the specially developed trail sensor. Thanks to two encoder motors, the tracks can be controlled precisely and steered synchronically. With the rescue robot, which is contained as a model, the construction set provides the ideal basis for participation in the RoboCup.

  • Includes the didactic activity booklet.
  • Includes two encoder motors, three indicator lights, buzzer, NTC resistor, photoresistor, ultrasonic distance sensor, optical color sensor and an IR trail sensor.
  • Additionally required is ROBO TX Controller, Software ROBO Pro, Accu Set

508778 ROBO TXT Explorer

SKU: 508778