Project-based learning with a focus on standards “The fischertechnik STEM program combines maths, reading and writing standards in the compulsory subjects with the National Science Education Standards and the Standards of ISTE and ITEEA. The STEM PREP Set easily fills several months of the school year and introduces the students to applied technology through a systematic approach to physics, robotics, energy and power.” Tom White, Program Creator<br /> Project Themes: Simple machines / mechanical systems / structures / forces / pneumatics / potential and kinetic energy / energy preservation / energy conversion and storage / electricity / electronics / optics / digital communication and control programming. assembly instructions for 118 model examples from 9 STEM Kits and comprehensive STEM tutorials for teachers and students on CD Incl. ROBOTICS LT Controller, CD with controller software ROBO Pro Light, electronics module, XS motor, mini motor, solar motor, pull-back motor, compressor, 2x solar modules, „Gold Cap“ energy torage device, LED, 2x rainbow LEDs, phototransistor, NTC resistor, 2x push buttons.


519340 STEM Energy Power & Robotics