Focus on robotics competitions. The fischertechnik Robotics Competition Set has been developed for schools, universities and other education establishments seeking to enhance or improve their previous robotics competitions for their students. It contains robot models such as the trail searcher, detection robot, soccer robot, hindrance detector with camera and much more. The models are suitable for the RoboCup competition (junior category) and various other competitions all over the world. The fischertechnik Robotics Competition Set helps students with project-based learning for discovering robotics and the key STEM teaching principles. The set consists of 670 parts. These include static parts, gearwheels, transmissions, wheels, DC motors, motors with integrated encoders, USB camera, combi sensor (gyro, accelerometer, compass) and other fischertechnik sensors.
Incl. ROBO Pro software with possibilities for programming on five levels. From the beginner’s level through to professional programming with objects, sub-programs, variables and user-defined commands. Furthermore, obstacle course templates are included for testing the models.       Incl. printed assembly instructions and instructional activity information on CD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Incl. ROBOTICS TXT Controller, CD with controller software ROBO Pro, USB camera, 2x encoder motors, XS motor, lens tip lamp, 3x LEDs, combi sensor (gyro, accelerometer, compass), 3x ultrasonic distance sensors, IR trail sensor, optical color sensor, photo resistor, phototransistor, NTC resistor, magnetic sensor (reed contact), Accu Set (battery charger with rechargeable NiMH battery)



44,0x31,5x15,0 cm

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519143 Robotics TXT Competition Set

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